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Lowrey Financial Group

The team at Lowrey Financial Group works in an ethical and professional manner to help guide you to retirement success and plan your long-term care needs. We are a relationship-driven organization committed to creating customized strategies to help you achieve your retirement goals. Allow us to educate you on the various retirement and long-term care planning strategies, so you can begin heading toward a brighter financial future. You can count on our family to help you gain the guidance you need to retire and plan with confidence.


Jake Lowrey

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 855-318-8387

Jimmy Sullivan

Case Design/ New Business Director
Phone: 781-385-7257 jimmy@lowreyfinancial.com

Clarissa Baker

Office Manager
Phone: 781-385-7263 info@lowreyfinancial.com

Nancy Kane

Office Administrator
Phone: 781-385-7263 info@lowreyfinancial.com

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To schedule your complementary consultation with a member of our team to assure your  financial freedom in retirement, contact us at info@lowreyfinancial.com or call 781-385-7263 today!