Long-Term Care Strategies

Long-Term Care Strategies

Lowrey Financial Group has vast knowledge in helping our seniors and their families plan for their long-term care needs. As we age, our medical or long-term care expenses usually increase — sometimes dramatically. Our team will provide you with information to help address the rising costs of long-term care.

  • Medicaid-Compliant Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) – This type of SPIA can help provide financial protection for your spouse if he or she needs extensive care.
  • Trusts – Provided by elder law attorneys we work closely with at an affordable cost for our clients, these trusts help shelter wealth from look-back periods and avoid the worry of probate and more.

Lowrey Financial Group can assist you and your family with long-term care planning and help protect your tomorrow by making these important decisions today. To learn more about our long-term care planning services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 855-318-8387. We look forward to assisting you with your family’s long-term care needs.