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The world???s central bankers will end up behind the market equivalent of the woodshed after flooding the world with cheap money, veteran investor Marc Faber told CNBC on Thursday.

???When you print money, the money doesn???t flow evenly into an economy. It flows to some people or to sectors first, and in this case, it flowed into equities, and until about five months ago, bonds,??? Faber said. ???I believe that markets will punish central banks at some stage through an accident.???

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by Carter Gray |

Sometimes, people can be so afraid of being sold something that they strangle their own deductive reasoning. I had a meeting with a handful of our affiliated agents last week. One of the agents said, ???Carter, if people actually understood the mechanics of an Equity Indexed Annuity, everyone would purchase one!??? I told him he was absolutely correct. If people really took the time with an open mind to think for themselves and analyze the facts, there is no question more people would be preaching the news of Equity Indexed Annuities. Right then, another agent spoke up and said, ???The problem is that as insurance agents, people look at us like used car salesmen trying to sell them a car with sawdust in the engine.??? The purpose of this article is breakdown some of the misconceptions of annuities, throw a few facts on the chalkboard, and motivate you to think for yourself.
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By Karen DeMasters
Indexed annuities claimed more than half of fixed annuities sales for the third quarter, a record high, according to Beacon Research???s Fixed Annuity Premium Study released today.

Indexed annuities scored $8.7 billion, or 53 percent, of fixed annuity sales, while income annuities accounted for $2.4 billion, or 14 percent, of sales, also a record high. This marked income annuities’ strongest quarter ever, Beacon says.

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President of Lowrey Financial Group; Jake Lowrey was recognized on a national platform by Financial Independence Group for his production in 2011. This was a special moment for Jake Lowrey. He takes pride in helping his clients with their retirement and Long-term care needs. It???s a reflection to how many people he has help over the past 12 months with their planning needs and crisis situations. We asked Jake Lowrey what this means to him. || Read more

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